Hiking routes

The most beautiful hiking routes through the Almeerderhout can be found here. Everything is already clearly marked so that you can fully relax and enjoy the surroundings. Via these hiking routes you will discover the treasures of the Waterlandsebos, the Cirkelbos and the Kathedralenbos. In and around those forest sections, five shipwrecks are located. The Kathedralenbos also features two beautiful cathedrals. And while hiking through the Waterlandsebos you’ll be surrounded by most lovely singing birds. Read on to find out which of the hiking route fits your preferences best!

Our hiking routes

Hiking route the Natte Pad (‘wet path’) – 4 km
This route leads through the Cirkelbos and along the creek Gooimeerbeek. It is full of changing sceneries and nice discoveries. Start: The parking place at Meesweg, Almere. Follow the white route.

Hiking route Kathedraal – 5 km
This hiking route will lead you along the Green cathedral and the landscape art of Marinus Boezem. Start: The parking place at Kathedralenpad, Almere. Follow the green route.

Hiking route Trip – 2 km
This route leads through the Waterlandsebos. You’ll hear many different birds sing their lovely songs. Start: The open air visitor centre of the Almeerderhout, Kemphaanlaan 4, Almere. Follow the blue route.

Hiking route Esdoorn (‘maple’) – 2 km
This is a tour through the Waterlandsebos, too, with surprising views onto the adjacent agricultural fields. Start: The passantenhaven (‘port for visiting yachts’), Lange Wetering, Almere. Follow the orange route.

Hiking route the Zintuigenpad (‘path of the senses’) – 2 km
This route through the Almeerderhout will waken all your senses. Smell, feel, hear, taste and see the nature around you. Start: The open air visitor centre of the Almeerderhout, Kemphaanlaan 4, Almere. This route is 2 metres large and therewith very suitable also for wheelchairs. Follow the violet route.


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