Are you looking for a nice group activity? De Kemphaan offers a variety of these which you can book in many possible combinations, to organise a lovely day full of fun and pleasure activities. No matter if you want to organise a kid party, a school trip, a company meeting or excursion, a family reunion or if you just look for a meeting venue – you are at the right place at De Kemphaan!

Weekend trip

A fine weekend trip There is a lodge hire on the premises of the Kemphaan called Het Groene Geheim, ‘the green mystery’. It features a group of luxurious lodges. B Lees meer...

Kid parties and school trips

De Kemphaan offers various arrangements for kid parties or school trips. Go climbing and clambering at Fun Forest Almere or prepare your own food at the children’s cooki Lees meer...

Experience nature on Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan!