The forest restaurant Buitengewoon Lekker

The forest restaurant Buitengewoon Lekker (‘exceptionally tasty’) is a restaurant where sustainability and the love for nature are core values. Here you can enjoy a wonderful lunch, a high tea or an arrangement of tapas. Made with organically grown products, such as meat from sustainably kept animals, local products from the forest or goods brought in via fair trade.

Buitengewoon Lekker also offers vegetarian food. You’d rather try our unique tapas? Right here for you! The forest restaurant is located at the open air centre Almeerderhout, on the premises of the city estate De Kemphaan. Groups with a minimum of 20 persons are also accepted outside regular opening hours. They can get special arrangements, too.

Delicious insects

Fancy to taste something completely different, for a change? Buitengewoon Lekker offers a very special lunch variant, made of insects. Besides the fact that insects are good for your health, they also are a viable alternative to the bio-industry. Furthermore, eating insects in one option more to deal with the food scarcity of our planet. That’s why eating insects is becoming increasingly popular!


What to do around here

Lunch at Buitengewoon Lekker

The lunch menu features locally and sustainably grown products. Bread made of local, organically grown ingredients, for example; made of grain cultivated on Dutch soil. Or chicken who had lots of space and fed on heathland near Almere. The meat is provided by “Het landschap Natuurlijk Beheer”, an organic farming company. They stand for high quality, sustainably produced meat. Also vegetarians are very welcome. The cooks prepare special vegetarian meals every day among which the popular veggie burgers, without any meat. The organic and fair trade products are labelled with ECO/SKAL and UTZ labels. Lunch is served until 3 pm.

A tea paradise

For those who love tea, Buitengewoon Lekker is a true paradise. The arrangement comprises 14 different flavours – a wealth of choice, that is. The tea is made of most different fresh herbs, grown and collected nearby. Hard to decide which one to choose? Then order a wonderful arrangement for a High Tea, or a ranger coffee table where you can try out all tea flavours, too. The restaurant offers a great setting for meetings, a family day and for many other kinds of celebration.

Forest tapas

The tapas kitchen opens at 3 pm. And you can enjoy some wonderful ‘forest related’ tapas then. The forest tapas actually originate from a snack speciality typical for the Flevoland region: Variations range from marinated snails to mushrooms and from sausage made of Scottish Highland cattle to crickets. These meals make a perfect combination with a glass of fine, organically cultivated red wine, or with a pils called Uhr Gulpener. And just like the lunch also this food is made of sustainably and organically produced, local ingredients. So come over and taste these innovative tapas! Will you join us for an aperitif at Buitengewoon Lekker?

About the products

– The bread is provided by the Carl Siegert bakery. Practically all basic ingredients are organically produced – wherever possible, on Dutch soil. The corn is grinded with the energy of Dutch windmills.

– The venison served stems from animals who roamed freely. They had lots of movement and always searched and ate their own food. You don’t eat what doesn’t taste good… Because of the animals’ healthy living, their meat always had good blood supply. Which is why it has an exceptionally fine taste.

– All meat products are provided by “Het landschap Natuurlijk Beheer”, an organic farming company. So what is served here is real natural meat, from Scottish Highland cattle and sheep who were allowed to roam free, on the pastures around Almere. All 100% natural, without any additives.


Kemphaanlaan 4
1358 AG Almere


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday closed
Wednesday and Friday 11:00 to 16:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 to 21:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 to 18:00 pm

1st Christmas Day closed
2nd Day 11:00 to 21:00 pm

New Year’s Eve closed
New Year 12:00 to 16:00 pm

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