The city farm Almere

The city farm Almere is a biodynamic enterprise active with agriculture and beef cattle husbandry. Apart from this it also has a public function. Here you can learn about organic farming and the working processes of beef cattle husbandry.

The city farm was started up in 1996, with the goal to build up a fully functional farm. And the environment of the Flevopolder lends itself excellently for that scope. Within short time a fully operative farm was built up. A farm where cows graze and where grain and other crop plants are being cultivated.

Urban farming

More and more people and instances get interested in urban farming. Besides other, municipalities, consumers and other farms. Urban farming can be practised to provide for a city; in this case, for Almere. But even if you are no local resident you can learn, experience and enjoy just as much on this farm. Reason why this city farm, located on the premises of De Kemphaan, is a perfect destination for a day out. Come over and see how a real farm works and what an essential function it has for the people around it. Objective here is not only the cultivation of crops, but also education and training: About healthy and sustainable food and traditional enterprises.


What to do around here

The farmers' market

Each Saturday morning an organic farmers’ market is organised, in the barn which belongs to the city farm. Here you can find most tasty, locally grown organic food. You can buy here bread, milk products, meat and vegetables of the season, for example. But also flowers, biological cleansing material and organic cosmetics. Various companies meet on this market with their respective products, in order to create a real varied offer for visitors. So visit the farmers’ market at the city farm Almere very soon, to get some tasty local food!

Cooking classes

Furthermore, the kitchen of the city farm offers cooking classes on a regular base. Several workshops are offered, for different target groups or learning outcomes: Students can get a workshop “how and what to cook when sharing a flat with others”. And for secondary schools a special educational project was created called ‘food roots’. This workshop teaches much about cooking with healthy ingredients. It also informs where the food comes from in the first place. Part of this is to understand the role of a farm within the entire food cycle.

Guided tours

You can also see the city farm by joining a guided tour through its premises. On your way the farmer will tell you everything about the working processes of the city farm. At this occasion the guided tour can be extended to also include the surrounding fields and/or forest. You will hear why those fields are so essential for the productivity of the farm. During the tour you can indicate which topic you would like to hear more about. That way, you will make your tour as instructive as possible. Topics to discuss could be, for example, urban farming, the well-being of the animals, the use of energy or the function of a farm as educational facility.


Kemphaanpad 14
1358 AC Almere


Monday / Friday 9:30 to 16:00 pm
Saturday 9: 30- 16:00
Sunday 9:30 to 16:00 pm

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