Discover City Estate De Kemphaan

About De Kemphaan

Over a period of 40 years, the city estate De Kemphaan has grown to become one of the most popular nature areas of The Netherlands. Initially, the estate served as a training and information centre about Dutch nature and agriculture. With time passing, various nature related initiatives have joined and were added to the estate. Today you can greatly enjoy nature here, besides other by following hiking or cycling routes. Or by visiting the animal shelter for apes and other exotic animals. Also, a great variety of interesting events are organised here, all nature related, too. Such as the Africa day, the star watching days or each Saturday, an farmer’s market with wonderful organic products.

To inspire and instruct

Kids must spend more time outdoors, move and discover more. One of the core goals of De Kemphaan is to inspire the youngest generation, letting them learn about nature in a fun and playful way. People try to accomplish this as low-threshold as possible, through courses and other nice activities. So the kids learn where their fruit and vegetables actually come from. They also learn about sustainable living and how to manage the flora and fauna of The Netherlands. The Kemphaan team thinks that common activities are the best training method to teach youngsters about the nature around them.

The history of the city estate

Almere is a densely populated city. Its residents were looking for some access to nature but could not find it within the city itself. The solution was found in 1978, with the foundation of the city estate De Kemphaan. The estate was set up for the residents of Almere who therewith could enjoy their self-produced fruit and vegetables, grown in their own little allotment gardens on the premises of the estate.

The city of Almere considered it very important that its residents would keep in closer touch with agricultural life. And the role of De Kemphaan within this plan was to function as an agricultural training centre. Later in the same year another garden was created, for instance: The so called ‘consumption garden’. It was meant to demonstrate and illustrate what precisely is needed to sufficiently feed one person throughout an entire year. Meanwhile De Kemphaan exists since almost 40 years. It has always kept its role as a training centre.


Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg

Not only the kids come to the Kemphaan estate for learning. Also the participants of the Nieuwland Zorg(t) foundation learn much around here. The city estate De Kemphaan offers disabled people useful daily work and therewith, valid chances for reintegration. All that in a beautiful and challenging environment. Nieuwland Zorg(t) is an officially recognised care centre which looks after the disabled while they work, for instance, at the Almere Jungle. Here they get all the space they need to be themselves, grow and develop further individually.


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