The open air centre Almeerderhout

Would you love to relax and enjoy beautiful nature? Then you should take one of the hiking tours through the forests surrounding the open air centre Almeerderhout.

The forests

The open air centre Almeerderhout is part of the city estate De Kemphaan. It is situated right at the heart of the nature reserve called Stadsbossen Almere (city forests of Almere). This is one of the many nature areas Almere is rich with. It consists almost entirely of deciduous trees. And that in itself is a rare thing for a forest situated in The Netherlands. The lianas of the honeysuckle and the wild clematis give the forest a jungle atmosphere. This forest area actually consists of several forest sections: The Waterlandsebos, the Cirkelbos and the Kathedralenbos. Each of these has its special features and characteristics. In and around those forests, five shipwrecks are located. Four of them date back to the 16th century. Apart from this the forests host a great variety of birds: Species who prefer dense forests as well as those who live near the open water. So are you looking for a place where you can make romantic and adventurous hiking tours? Then you should definitely visit the forests of the Almeerderhout.

Activities for kids

Especially for kids: Love adventure, with no fear of getting dirty? Then go with a ranger of the Dutch forestry on an outdoor adventure trip, in the forests near the Kemphaan. During that tour you’ll learn how to read beaver tracks. You also can play in the Zuiderzee forest and show off your climbing skills, at the Fun Forest outdoor centre. And you can do some special action paths. But there is much more to discover in this nature reserve.

What to do around here

Hiking and cycling routes

The best way to experience and enjoy the forests of Almere is to make hiking or cycling tours there. For example, get right to the centre of the Waterlandsebos during the hiking tour called Trip. Or walk along the little creek Gooimeerbeek, through the Cirkelbos forest. Each of these routes has its special features and characteristics.

Become an auxiliary ranger

The kids must help ranger Bart in his work. They become auxiliary rangers. They will depart with a manual and some tasks and come back with an official auxiliary ranger diploma. Each auxiliary ranger gets a jacket and a logbook. You may keep the logbook afterwards. This is a fantastic day to spend with kids between 6 and 11 years!

Walk on the dwarf path

The dwarf path was created for the youngest visitors (from 3 to and including 6 years). The kids will get their faces painted and a cap. Then they depart to search for dwarfs in the forest. They’ll follow tracks, do some tasks and while busy with that, learn al lot about nature. Upon their return they will have a great dwarf button to show off with, as proof!

From a ranger's view

Ranger Rob Koetsier says: “Often you can find me in the Cirkelbos forest, near the creek there. I follow the course of that creek, from its source right up to its estuary at the Waterlandse Tocht. On my way I see large trees; some have a diameter of one metre. And many animals cross my path. Deer will dart away. Buzzards circle high above in the sky. I can hear the golden oriole in the high trees and the reed warbler in the reed. The Almeerderhout hosts bird species who prefer dense forests as well as those who live near the open water. When evening falls and I hear the barn owl call, I don’t want to be anywhere else.”


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