The animal park Almere Jungle

Almere Jungle is an animal park where various exotic animals have found their home. Here you will feel like moving through the desert or in the jungles of South America: The animals are kept in an environment that reconstructs their natural habitat as “real” as possible.

The animals living here were brought in either from other animal shelters or voluntarily by their former private “owners”. By visiting Almere Jungle you support the care and the feeding of the animals there. So not only you will have a nice day but the animals will, too!

The animals

A visit to Almere Jungle is the perfect excursion with kids. This animal park has birds, reptiles, fishes and other small exotic species. If it turns out that an animal can have a better life elsewhere it gets transferred to that place. This measure provides a constant fluctuation among the Jungle’s inhabitants. In most cases, the animals have been neglected or just abandoned without any instructions. Here at the shelter their health and behaviour is examined and observed. Goal of this centre is not the breeding or keeping of animals for entertainment purpose only. Instead, the centre strives to offer the animals their respective best possible living environment.

General information

Would you like to know more than what is on the signs? Then the feel & experience tour might be something for you! During this tour an animal caretaker will take you along and tell you everything you want to know about Almere Jungle. You get a look behind the scenes and you can hold various animals. The tour is adjusted to the age of the participants and is therefore suitable for young and old! Are you coming soon and are you crazy about animals? Then hold your party in Almere Jungle! We offer various packages including tours and treasure hunts. See you soon in Almere Jungle! Visit the website for more information.

What to do around here

Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg

The animal shelter Almere Jungle, the Jungle café and the shop selling agricultural products all belong to the Dutch foundation Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg. For visitors, this combined offer provides an interesting and exciting excursion. For the Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg team which consists in big part of disabled people, it is a chance for reintegration: There is a big variety of tasks to do. Everybody from the team can find a suitable task for him or her. Caring for the animals, for instance. Or serving customers, either at the shop or in the café. All team members are encouraged to take initiative and ownership for the daily tasks to accomplish.

Nieuwland werk taal zorg
jungle cafe

Jungle Café

Visiting the Almere Jungle, you can have a break or conclude your visit at the Jungle café. During summer a spacious terrace awaits you; with delicious (scooping) ice cream offered by the ice cream parlour then, too. In the winter there is a cosy open wood fire. It is wonderful to relax there and have some hot chocolate with whipped cream. Also then the enthusiastic team and participants of the Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg foundation will serve you. After a fine cup of coffee or ice cream you can continue your exploration of the shelter!

The shop with agricultural products

The centre runs a special shop where agricultural products are sold. Here you’ll find healthy organic food such as fresh juices, jams or muesli. And of course, also other locally grown and produced goods like the Kemphaan beer which got its name from the city estate called De Kemphaan. Besides the food the shop also offers beautiful gifts and decorative articles. So it is definitely worth a visit. Near the exit of the shelter you can donate money by “feeding” your donation into the mouth of the turtle there. The money put into this turtle will be spent directly for the food and care of the animals.


Experience Almere Jungle

At Almere jungle you’ll move among exotic animals. Have a look at the photographs below for a first impression. You are most welcome to visit the shelter and see for yourself how the animals live here!


Kemphaanpad 2
1358 AC Almere


Monday till saturday 10:00 – 17.00 uur
Sunday11:30 – 17:30 uur

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