The nature camping site De Kemphaan

The nature camping site De Kemphaan can be found in the midst of Flevoland’s “green secret”, adjacent to the city estate there. This camping is perfect for young families: The forest is very nearby and many activities are organised here, for visitors of all ages.

Above all you can really enjoy fantastic nature here, hiking or cycling through the estate or through the nearby forests. Or move a bit further and visit the nature reserves Oosterwold or the Oostvaardersplassen.

A child-friendly camping site

De Kemphaan is very suitable for kids. Here your children or grand children will make new friends very quickly. They will have loads of fun, on the camping grounds or in the nearby forests. While you can relax and enjoy life, in front of your own tent or caravan. Various activities are offered at walking distance which makes the place particularly fine for kids. For example, take them to the ape islands or do some hiking tours together which involve activities, such as the ‘dierenvriendjespad’, the ‘path for animal friends’.

The facilities

The nature camping site De Kemphaan is open from the beginning of April up to and including the end of October. You can camp here with tents, caravans, campers and tent trailers. Facilities available here include a warm douche, a chemical toilet and electricity at various camping spots. Thee also is a playing field for ball games or similar. This site is also perfect for your dog because you may bring it along to the camping site! There is a total of 5 camping sites where dogs are allowed, with lots of running space all around for your dog. Check the website for more information and for free places.

What to do around here

Hiking and cycling routes

Various hiking routes lead through the city forests near Almere. Their length ranges from 2 to 5 kilometres. Walk the Zintuigenpad, the path of the senses and smell, feel, taste and see nature all around you. Or follow the ‘natte pad’ the so called ‘wet path’ through the Cirkelbos which leads along the creek called Gooimeerbeek. Also here several routes with activities especially for kids have been created: The dwarf path, for example. Your kids or grand children will get a dwarf cap – and red cheeks painted, just like real dwarfs. And part of that is of course a little knapsack full of delicious sweets, to be picked up at the open air visitors centre of the Almeerderhout.

The ape islands

On the premises of the city estate De Kemphaan, the AAP foundation has created a special animal shelter for apes and other exotic mammals. The animals brought here were illegally trafficked, kept as mammals or abused for tourist and entertainment shows. Here you find, among others, hamadryas baboons, green baboons and the Barbary macaque. Come over quickly and watch the apes frolic around on their ape islands run by the AAP foundation. There also is the opportunity to get a guided tour through the animal shelter.

Fun Forest Almere

Go with the kids for a special day full of climbing fun at the Fun Forest Almere. This climbing paradise is situated just a 5 minute’s stroll away from the nature camping site. Fun Forest is the biggest climbing forest featuring the most and also longest ropeways in The Netherlands! While climbing and clambering you will even see the ape islands of the AAP foundation. There are several climbing courses with various grades of difficulty: Some suitable for children, some for adults. Read more

How does the nature camping site De Kemphaan look like?

Of course you’d like to see how the camping terrain looks like before you spend your holidays there. The map here below shows the structure of the site. Choose your perfect sleeping place. You will want to book your holidays very soon at our nature camping site De Kemphaan!

The camping season is closed on Saturday, October 1st. It is possible to reserve places for at least 14 days. From March 2017 the camping is open all year. After October 1, 2017 also for weekend guests, (autumn) holidays and / or mid weeks! Around the autumn period four wooden huts will also be posted on the camping. Ideal for at the lower temperatures.



Wandel- en Fietsroutes

Door de Stadsbossen van Almere lopen verschillende wandelroutes, van 2 tot wel 5 kilometer. Wandel het Zintuigenpad en ruik, voel, proef en zie de natuur of loop het Natte pad door het Cirkelbos langs de Gooimeerbeek. Ook heb je hier verschillende doe-routes speciaal voor de kinderen. Loop het Kabouterpad met je kinderen of kleinkinderen als een echte kabouter met een puntmuts en rode wangen. En haal natuurlijk de knapzak met iets lekkers op bij Buitencentrum Almeerderhout.


Stichting AAP heeft op Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan een opvangcentrum voor apen en andere exotische zoogdieren. Deze zijn illegaal verhandeld, als zoogdier gehouden of misbruikt in toerisme en entertainment. Je vindt hier onder andere mantelbavianen, groene bavianen en berberapen. Ga snel een dagje aapjes kijken bij de aapeilanden van Stichting AAP of volg een rondleiding in het opvangcentrum.

Fun Forest Almere

Ga een dagje klimmen met de kinderen in Fun Forest Almere. Dit klimparadijs vind je op nog geen 5 minuten lopen van de natuurcamping. Fun Forest is het grootste klimpark met de meeste en langste tokkelbanen van Nederland. Tijdens het klimmen en tokkelen zie je zelfs de aapeilanden van Stichting AAP. Er zijn verschillende parcoursen voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen met bijbehorende moeilijkheidsgraad. Lees verder

Hoe ziet natuurcamping de Kemphaan eruit?

Je wilt natuurlijk zien hoe de camping eruit ziet waar jij je vakantie door gaat brengen. Krijg een impressie door onze plattegrond te bekijken en zoek jouw perfecte staplek uit. Daarna wil je gelijk jouw vakantie boeken bij de Kemphaan!


Kemphaanpad 10
1358 AC Almere


From april till october 31th: Daily open

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