Discover de Kemphaan

The Kemphaan estate is immersed in the forests of Almere, in a forestry area called Almeerderhout. This is an excellent area for hiking, cycling and to experience nature’s beauty. The child-friendly camping site also offers many different activities – your kids will have loads of fun. There are, for example, the nearby outdoor climbing centre Fun Forest, a city farm with many farm animals and the forest restaurant called Buitengewoon Lekker (‘exceptionally tasty’). Besides that the estate also hosts a very special animals shelter run by the AAP foundation. Upon entering the premises of that shelter, the apes will uproariously greet their visitors!

All that and more makes De Kemphaan the perfect place for a family holiday, a kid party, school excursions, company meetings or for a romantic weekend. The estate itself is open to visitors throughout the year, free of charge. Since the opening times for each building vary, we advise you to look them up directly on the website of our respective partner. Dogs are certainly welcome in this nature area, too. Be so kind, however, to keep them on a leash to avoid problems.

The most adventurous estate of The Netherlands

Visitors of all ages will discover new things at De Kemphaan. Try, for example, the forest restaurant Buitengewoon Lekker and taste a lunch made of insects there! Or participate in a cooking workshop offered by the city farm: Learn how to prepare a healthy meal with products grown on own soil. It is even possible to mill your own grain here and to brew beer; the latter at the brewery situated on the same premises of De Kemphaan.

Send the kids into the forest, with the ranger Bart of the Dutch forestry, to become auxiliary rangers. Or go together with the kids into the forests of the estate, searching for dwarfs while following the ‘dwarf path’. At the children’s cooking café run by the city farm, the kids learn to cook tasty food from local, organically grown ingredients. While doing so, they also learn where those ingredients come from in the first place. Part of that also are visits to the cows, the apiary and the herb garden of the

Experience the estate

Did we manage to inspire you? You will get the most out of your visit by using the beautiful excursions and arrangements we put together for you. The Kemphaan offers special arrangements for company excursions, gatherings and school trips, for instance. So one option would be to book a climbing arrangement at the Fun Forest, in combination with pancakes at the restaurant Dubbel-Op. Want to learn more about the possibilities and opening times of all participants? Then have a look at their respective websites to which we link from this site. Or contact De Kemphaan directly.


Experience nature on Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan!