Guided tour through the AAP foundation

Would you like to learn more about the foundation and how the apes live here? Then book a guided tour through this animal shelter. And while moving through the centre, see all the brazen little apes perform their wonderful stunts from a close-up. Guided tours are offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Booking the tour can be done by calling +31 (0)36 523 87 87 or via The AAP foundation rescues apes from various bad situations. Then, it gives them a warm and safe place to stay. Here you find, among others, hamadryas baboons, green baboons and the Barbary macaque. They just love to play and frolic around with each other the entire day, leaving their sad past way behind.


The minimum age for taking part in such a guided tour is 12 years (and we are very strict in following this rule). Please also note that reservations can only be done for two persons at a time. That is because the AAP foundation, due to the special kind of animal shelter it runs here, unfortunately cannot receive and guide bigger groups through the centre.

Download here your route description.


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