The dwarf path

A real forest of course has real dwarfs…but it’s hard to spot them. Come quickly to the special dwarf path on the Kemphaan estate. Looks like the little dwarfs are everywhere! So help the ranger find the dwarf family. Let’s follow the tracks and maybe you see some tiny little footprints in the sand…quiet, I think I can hear them!

Pick up your assignment book, the cap and a knapsack full of wonderful sweets at the open air visitors centre of the Almeerderhout. With this fine equipment you can start your dwarf hunt immediately. For each dwarf you find, one task must be accomplished. During the tour you may open the knapsack and eat what’s in it: All the searching makes you hungry, of course! Did you manage to accomplish all tasks? Then you’ll get a beautiful dwarf button at the end of the tour!

Price: €5.00 (per kid)

Duration: 2 hours

Age group: 6 up to and including 11 years

Good to now: This activity is done flexibly in terms of time, as long as it is concluded within the opening times of the open air centre of the Almeerderhout. Each group gets to pick up one knapsack containing, besides other, the field glasses, the compass and the auxiliary ranger’s manual with therein the tasks to accomplish. Each auxiliary ranger gets a jacket and a logbook. You may keep the logbook afterwards. Put on some sturdy shoes and clothing which is suitable for the weather.


Experience nature on Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan!