The path of the animal friends

What about an exploration tour? Enter the forests of the Almeerderhout and while playing, discover the great variety of animals who live there.

The Dutch forestry put together a special hiking route for you to have lots of fun and adventure in the forest, together with your friends. You will be given a little device which contains a set of tasks. While doing the assignments you’ll learn a lot about the animals of the forest. The device has a coloured rotatable disk. Each time you move that disk a new assignment will show up. Besides questions about the animals you also get to search and collect little branches or twigs for a bird’s nest. Or you have to search for frogs. All that while mimicked animal sounds will fly around your ears. Walk like a duck, jump like a frog and sing like a birdie!

Price: €5.00 per bag. Deposit: €15.00

Duration: About 1½ hours.

Age group: 4 to 7 years.

Tip: This adventurous hiking tour is also great to do with your entire class. So quickly ask your teacher to book the tour for your class. He or she will then receive a package very soon, for preparing the tour.