Apenpraatjes, the ‘ape talks’ at the AAP foundation

Are you curious about what happens at the animal shelter? Then come and listen, either on Wednesdays at 2 pm or Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am and 2 pm respectively. The AAP foundation will hold their special story reporting moments then, called ‘Appenpratjes’ (‘little ape talks’). Those events take approximately 20 minutes and are free of charge. The animal experts will tell everything about the various apes then: What happened within the ape groups and between them. You will definitely not get bored listening to those talks. The apes will make sure to have their own great wild fun at the same time! Starting point is the plank bridge leading towards the ape islands. Reserving a place is not necessary.

Just keep in mind that the ‘little ape talks’ take place open air and the maximum group size is 20 people. Also, the talks take place only if there is sufficient staff present at this section – that is to say, it depends on the (wo-)manpower available at that moment.


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